Mental Health-Related Hospitalizations by Youth in New Brunswick

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Context: High rates of mental health-related hospital admissions have been
identified as a significant health care issue due to the negative implications of
institutionalizing youth with mental health issues in adult acute care and
psychiatric environments.1 Rates of mental health-related hospital admissions
among youth have continued to rise in New Brunswick to almost double the
national average (Figure 1).
Purpose: The purpose of this project is to measure time series (2003-2013)
and geographic trends in mental health-related hospital admissions by youth to
identify demographic, geographic and health service predictors of acute care
utilization for common mental illnesses.
Participants: Persons under 19 years of age that have been admitted to
hospital in New Brunswick from January 1, 2003-December 31, 2013 are the
focus of this project. Hospital admissions data will be sourced from the
Discharge Abstract Database (DAD), and three additional databases (the
Citizen Database, Provider Registry, and geocoded institutional address
datasets) will be used to examine geographic trends in hospital admissions in
relation to distance to hospital and density of family physician practices. All
data used for this project will be accessed via the New